Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Parent Coffee September 12

Parents, remember you are all invited to our first Parent Coffee of the year: September 12, 10:30 AM.  Topics for this first coffee will include a brief update on general school matters (upcoming events, plans, finances, etc.), an overview of technology teaching and curriculum at our school,  and time for any questions parents may have.  The best part is just renewing or strengthening the connection with fellow travelers on the schooling and parenting journey.  We promise to wrap up by 11:15, though if parents need additional time for questions, that will be fine for those who wish to stay.  We hope you can make it!

We will schedule future parent coffees at different times and on different days - so if the morning time on the 12th does not work for some, we'll hope to catch you at a better time later on.

BTSN: PFU's Sweep Family Pentathlon

DPCA, August 23, 2012

Though the competition was stiff (which was probably part of their secret), the Team PFU (Potbellied Fluffy Unicorns) came out on top in the DPCA Back-to-School Night Family Pentathlon.  Showing their impossible-to-beat skills at Moon Ball, Birthday Shuffle, Computer De-bugging, Bball Blast, and Toxic Transfer, the PFU's dominated, posting best times in all but one event.  Though the Question Marks, Team Unknown, Destroyer Fireballs, The Shufflins, and Team Incredibles worked hard, the PFU's just couldn't be stopped. 

With a new school record total time of just 4:93, the PFU's clearly came out ahead of second-place squad Team Incredibles, who posted a very respectable 5:87. 

Highlights of the Pentathlon included seeing Jason  lift all the members of his team who were under 4 ft tall over his head for a better shot at the hoop, watching the teams cope with silence at the Birthday Shuffle,  enjoying a wide variety of team strategies for Moon Ball, and just soaking in all the laughter, fun, and camaraderie as the teams worked together at each event station.

Back-to-School night began with hot-dogs, beans, and chips served up by the staff kitchen crew, potluck desserts brought in by parents, and a brief information meeting in the Eagle cafetorium. A few announcements and reminders followed faculty and staff introductions, and together our school community considered for a few moments our 2012-2013 theme: Running to Win... Eyes Fixed on Jesus.  Mr. Ritschard read the accompanying verses, and briefly commented on the ways in which students and staff would be exploring the theme during the year.  The family Pentathlon in the gym, and a brief time to meet teachers and see classrooms rounded out the evening.

A big thank you to all our staff, parents, and students who came together for a fun evening! 

First Day Smiles

First days of school in the fall are almost always a collection of mixed feelings...  A bit of sadness that summer has wound down, some excitement about the new school year, gladness at reconnecting with friends, and perhaps a little nervousness at a new school year or being away from Mom for the first time.

Wednesday, August 22nd, staff at DPCA welcomed the 2012-2013 student body and parents back to school.  What a joy to see the students coming in -- from the class of 2013 who will graduate in just nine months, to the class of 2025 who are leaving home in a new way to join the kindergarten class, it was a blessing to see how much children had grown, hear of some of their summer adventures, commiserate over summer coming to a close, or just watch as they reconnected with friends at school.

From preschool through the 12th grade, DPCA has enrolled about 115 students for the year, and we're excited about the prospect of another year filled with learning, growth, teamwork, mentoring, discipleship, community service, blessings, challenges, and all the joy that comes from being part of a school community where Christ is honored. 

So welcome back to school!  It's going to be a great year...