Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Evening of Drama...

What do you get when you mix an eccentric caretaker, a bag lady from the city, some wanna-be detectives, a goofy petty crook, a creaky old hotel, and a few other wacky characters?  You get Tim Kelly's Laffing Room Only, performed by the DPCA drama class Friday, May 9.

Hazel holds Falbo and Vicki up as Donald pats him down.
Putney and Irma discuss life as legendary recluses.
Sophomore Jacob Lewis opened the play in the role of Nick Falbo, a detective-of-sorts from the Vermont district attorney's office who wants to use the decrepit Whispering Pines Hotel for a sting operation to catch some thieves. Eben Putney, the hotel's caretaker and handyman, played by Chase Macnab; and Gloria, the long-suffering owner of the hotel, played by Sarah Dages, are a bit slow to catch on as a strange list of "guests" begin to arrive at their usually-empty hotel.  A wacky tale of petty thievery, foiled plots, and odd relationships unfolds as the other characters join the romp through the Whispering Pines.  In the end, bag lady Irma, played by senior Rebecca Wade, and caretaker Putney have found a way to take possession of the hotel, send Gloria off to "sand, sun, and romance," and start their new lives as Vermont's latest pair of recluses. A sold-out audience enjoyed the Friday evening performance of the family-friendly, two-act comedy.

The drama class students and teachers had a great time preparing for the play.  The cast  performed under the direction of Mr. Jordan Euler and Mrs. Jani Ritschard.  The complete cast in order of appearance were:
Jacob Lewis as Nick Falbo,
Chase Macnab as Eben Putney,
Sarah Dages as Gloria Alexander,
Katie Busch as Hazel, Donald's rather desperate wife,
Marilena Burdick as Vicki, Falbo's partner from the DA's office,
Tanner Culp as Rondo Muldoon, petty thief extraordinaire,
 Seth Turner as Donald Parrish, wanna-be police chief and crazy schemer,
Rebecca Wade as Irma, the bag lady,
Maddie Montera as Wilma Potaine, scary insurance adjuster, and
Kate Lundy as Mrs. Martin, rich socialite and diamond necklace owner.

The cast and crew.
A student crew led by Ms. Kandice Alkire and Mr. Erik Ritschard built sets, prepared sound effects, and worked as stage crew during the production. Students building sets and working sound effects and stage properties were Heather Burdges, Sydney McManamay, Tori McManamay, Joel Parker, Shelby Phillips, Noah Ritschard, Bree Turner, and Hawk White.  Adult help for set building included Mr. Brad Pranger and Mrs. Venus Phillips.  Mrs. Marla Pranger prepared publicity materials.

Special thanks to Mrs. Kathy Akers, Mr. Harvey Brasser, Mr. Justin Willis, the White family, the Phillips family, Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and Rocky Mountain Lumber for help with properties and set materials.

 DPCA's junior and senior high drama class typically performs a play each spring.  Laffing Room Only was performed by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Many more pictures are available at DPCA's Facebook page!