Thursday, December 18, 2014

Joyful We Adore Thee

We LOVE being part of a school community where Jesus is honored as Redeemer, Helper, Counselor, Friend, and King.  What a privilege - and it is so fun to celebrate this central orientation of our school at Christmastime, with our students.  The annual Christmas program is just an expression of our daily desire to walk with the Lord and celebrate the children that the Lord has given us as families, and gives us the privilege to work with every day at school.

This year's Christmas program title was "Joyful We Adore Thee", and we pray that expression will be the hallmark of our lives this Christmas season - that with joy, great joy, we will adore the One who made us and redeems us!  A very Merry Christmas to us all!

Thank you to Mr. Barnes and all our students for a memorable and lovely evening of Christmas celebration!

A few more photos...  video clips are posted at DPCA's Facebook page.

Go Eagles!

More from Mr. Barnes' music class this week... Go Eagles!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Good Reviews from the Subs!

"Miss Kandice" Alkire fills in during Mr. Euler's math class
Substitute teachers don't always have an easy job - it can be a real challenge to step into a classroom full of students you may not know very well, take up another teacher's plans for the day, and ensure that meaningful instruction and activities take place in the regular teacher's absence.

Of course, having a substitute can be challenging for students as well, with changes in routine and perhaps expectations part of the "normal" when a substitute steps into the classroom.

DPCA is blessed with a group of great substitute teachers we call on when a regular teacher is sick or has other personal or professional needs away from the normal classroom schedule. Each time a substitute completes an assignment, he or she fills out a report sheet that includes opportunity for reporting how the day or class went.  Given the challenges of a classroom hour or day with a substitute teacher, one might expect that feedback from "subs" could be filled with angst about the day or about the student's behavior - but reports from substitutes at DPCA are most often filled with great reviews on the students and the atmosphere at school and in the classroom.  Here are typical feedback comments received from our DPCA substitute teachers:

We had an excellent morning. Diligent students - It was fun to discuss the pilgrims and Thanksgiving and prepare for chapel, in addition to regular studies.

I can really feel that the students are getting to know the Lord.  The students help each other and myself by making me feel welcome.

I had a great time. All the students were very respectful.

Encouraging, pleasant school to work in! Christian atmosphere which not only includes Bible class, pledges, prayer time and social issues, but the whole "mood" and culture of the school.

The kids were very respectful.

I had a very fun day! 

We're grateful for a great group of substitutes who make it possible for us to carry on when our teachers need to be absent for a time, and grateful too that the character of our students facilitates productive work and positive relationships when the "subs" come to work!

Cagers Victorious at Hyland

That blur is Keely moving fast on a break...
Sydney and Cailyn keep the pressure on a Lady Cougar
The DPCA Mens and Womens Basketball teams traveled to Westminster on Tuesday the 16th to take on the Hyland Cougars. The evening began with the Lady Eagles taking the the court first against the Lady Cougars. Both teams got off to a slow start, with many shots taken and just not falling in.  By half-time the Eagles had earned a narrow 22-20 lead. The second half Keely Campbell bombed the Cougars with her long range shooting, paving the way for a commanding lead. Campbell ended the night with a game high 31 points, while Allison Dages scored 10, and Heather Burdges had 6. “ I'm very proud of these ladies for playing with great determination and great attitudes; they just continue to improve at team work,” said Coach Navarrette about his team's victory. A final score of 49-39 put the Lady Eagles at 3-1 for the season.
Noah shoots a lay-up

Nathan putting up his shot against pressure
The men's game also got off to a slow start for the Eagles, but ultimately the DPCA boys  won their match against the Cougars as well.  The game stayed close until the Eagles began pressuring the Cougar's offense, creating multiple turnovers.  Leading the scoring was Nathan Van Deel with 19 points. Noah Ritschard added 15, and Garrett O'Neal had 9 - all crucial three-pointers that each time helped to shift momentum toward the Eagles. The game wrapped up at 49-32, giving the men's team their first win of the season.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fun in Music Class

Merry Christmas! Mr. Barnes has been having a good time with his music students the last couple of days making some fun musical videos...

Here are a couple of samples:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Eagles Match Up With Park Hill Chargers

The game begins with prayer...
The Darren Patterson Christian Academy Mens Basketball team played a challenging season opener at home December 9th, against the Park Hill Chargers from Pueblo. The contest was very fast paced, and some first-game jitters showed up for both teams.  Though the Chargers put up an early lead, consistent scoring combined with tough play in the paint and strong rebounds on defense kept the Eagles in the game throughout the evening. 

Chargers won the tip
Nathan defending
 Early foul trouble affected the Eagle's aggressive play, and at halftime the Chargers led 45-33. The second half the Chargers came out strong and quickly took the lead with their excellent 3 point shooting. Late in the 3rd, Eagles Nathan VanDeel and Garret O'Neal added their own 3 point scores to help cut the Chargers lead to 8 points. Consistent play from both teams kept the score advancing until the Chargers ended the game with a final score of 82-70. Eagles Coach Jordan Euler said, “The guys played well the second half, especially in the 4th quarter. It was a good first game; I'm proud of the effort. We'll keep working on putting 4 quarters together”. The DPCA Eagles were led in scoring by Noah Ritschard with 30 points, followed by Joel Parker with 15, and Hawk White with 12 points.
Though they won the second half in scoring, the Eagles couldn't quite pull the victory away from the Chargers, who were last season's runner up at the FRCAA State Championship.

Video highlights of the game, below.  DPCA competes next in the Cotopaxi Invitational, December 12th and 13th. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Play Set Auction!

All the kids want for Christmas is... a backyard playset! DPCA has been given a nice wooden playset which we are putting up for auction as a little mini-fundraiser.  

The play set is wooden and in pretty good shape.  It is currently set up on display at DPCA, right out in front.  The set features a slide, small climbing wall, monkey bars, swings, and play area underneath the tower.  To keep things fair for everyone who might want to bid, here's how the auction will work...
  • Bidding begins Monday, December 8
  • The minimum bid is $50.00
  • The minimum bid increment is $5.00
  • Submit bids to, or in person at the DPCA office.  The current highest bid will be posted on DPCA's Facebook page.
  • Bids are on a first-come basis. All bids will be dated and timed. 
  • Bids MUST include a full name and phone number, a statement that the bidder is bidding on the play set, and the amount bid equaling no less that $50.00 or at least a $5.00 increase over the daily high bid listed for the date submitted. Bids that are lower than the current high bid will be discarded.
  • Bidding closes at 10:00 AM Friday, December 19.  The winning bid is the highest bid amount received by 10:00 AM on the 19th.
Have fun bidding - and if you're not in the market for a new play set, spread the word to someone else who might be!


Some Fine but Important Print:
DPCA is selling the play set USED, and strictly AS-IS.  DPCA makes no warranty of any kind concerning the condition of the play set, or its suitability for its intended or any other use. By virtue of submitting a bid, every bidder and the eventual winning bidder agree that Darren Patterson Christian Academy and all officers, staff and volunteers associated with the Academy and all related entities are held entirely harmless and discharged from any and all liability in perpetuity in regard to the condition of the play set or its fitness or suitability for use.  Every bidder, by virtue of submitting a bid, agrees that they have examined the play set to their personal satisfaction prior to bidding and acknowledge this agreement and the USED, AS-IS condition of the play set and all its attachments.  The winning bidder agrees to assume sole responsibility and liability for the play set and any uses thereof upon payment and receipt.