Friday, April 11, 2014

Eagles Soccer: Girls Tie Hyland 1-1

Haley gets ready to send the ball down field while Anna lends support
Hayley gets in position for a shot on goal
The DPCA Eagles girls soccer team opened the season at home today battling against the Lady Cougars from Hyland Christian School in Westminster.  First half play saw the ball more frequently approaching Hyland's net, but the Cougar's defenders were able to keep the Eagles to a single score.  As the game progressed, the Cougars were able to make more plays with the ball on the Eagles' side of the field, but DPCA defense and goalkeeper Keely Campbell stayed consistent and held the Cougars to a single goal as well.  Despite consistent attempts by both teams throughout the remainder of the game, the defense on both sides held fast, and the match ended with the score tied at 1-1.

Warm weather brought out the fans, and the Eagles enjoyed a good crowd in the stands.

Keely sends the ball down field
The Eagles will face Hyland again at Hyland's home field in Westminster on Tuesday, April 15.  Eagles soccer is coached by Perry Ward, Lisa Tattershall, Suzanne Chambers, and Kandice Alkire. 

Fans enjoyed the warm weather!

The Historical Resurrection

With school being out next Friday for the celebration of Good Friday, today's chapel services functioned as DPCA's Easter chapels.  Mr. Erik Ritschard, our school administrator, presented at the elementary chapel and brought a video presentation to the secondary students in the afternoon.

The morning elementary chapel featured a condensed version of C.S. Lewis' story The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, specifically focusing on the scene in which Aslan the great Lion dies in place of the traitor, Edmund.  Susan and Lucy, Edmund's sisters, are overjoyed that Edmund is forgiven and rescued, but of course deeply distraught that Aslan must die.  And die he does, surrounded by his enemies and slain by the evil White Witch herself.  When he reappears the next morning, alive and whole, the girls are astonished and their joy overflows.

Mr. Ritschard reminded the students that although the story of Aslan is imaginary, it helps us think about the
very real occurrence of Jesus' death and resurrection.  We can't go visit the stone table in Narnia, but if we wanted to, we could actually go to Jerusalem and walk where Jesus walked.  We can see and smell and hear and experience the places in Jesus' resurrection story still today - because unlike Aslan's story, Jesus' rising from the grave is historical fact in a real place in the real world. 

Secondary chapel followed the same theme, using a video featuring Dr. N.T. Wright to explore the historical realities of the empty tomb and the resurrection of Christ.  Beginning long prior to the birth of Christ, Dr. Wright demonstrates that no comparable concept of resurrection existed prior to Jesus.  In a video rich with scenes from the Middle East, Jerusalem and the surrounding area, Dr. Wright goes on to explore the evidence that the resurrection of Christ occurred as the Bible states.  Just as in the elementary chapel, the secondary students were reminded that the Christian faith is not based on an imaginary story, but on actual historical events in real places in the real world.

As we celebrate the Easter season this year, it is both astonishing and encouraging to remember that those first, early Christians were simply giving testimony of things they had personally seen and experienced.  As we remember that they were reporting on actual events to which they were eyewitnesses, may our confidence in Christ's resurrection power and His work in our lives increase.

Readers wishing to view Dr. Wright's video for themselves may click here.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Aim to Serve Kick-off Party

Many thanks to all our friends and family who came out for the Aim To Serve Kick-off Tuesday evening!  We had a great time eating banana splits, watching some in the audience win some great prizes (congratulations, Sydney!), and learning about our 2nd Annual Aim To Serve fundraising event.

Austina Campbell, board member and Aim to Serve event director, led off with acknowledging our team of board members, staff, and volunteers who are leading the charge for Aim to Serve: Les Stencel, Josh Bearss, Jill Van Deel, Michael Courson, Erik Ritschard, Kent and Beth Mason, Krystal Griswold, Susie Hoppen, Cindy Lewis, Amy Taylor, and Deb Wade.

Beth Mason gave a brief parent testimony regarding why she values a DPCA education for her children, followed by a student testimony from junior Joel Parker. Austina, Erik, Michael,and Josh, along with Truman Abbott from Champion Events, took turns on the stage explaining how the events will work, encouraging faithful participation, giving away prizes, and showing the audience how to sign up to participate.  There are three main components to this year's program:  the Serve Day on May 2nd, the Clay Shoot on May 18th, and the Silent Auction, also on May 18th.  The DPCA school family and friends of the Academy from all around the community are invited to participate in the events and help our school achieve our $45,000 goal.

For further information on DPCA's 2014 Aim to Serve, or to sign up to participate, click here.  To find out more from the school office, please call 719-395-6046 or 1-877-395-DPCA.  Thanks again to all the Kick-off Party attendees, and a special thanks to so many who have signed up to participate to help raise funds toward our goal.  We appreciate you!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

One Day at School...

Joel (and Ellen and Becca) working on a Bible study.
Every day at DPCA is filled with a variety of learning, serving, activities, projects - all the elements that make for a dynamic educational environment!  A few pictures from today give a little glimpse into normal life at DPCA...

Mr. Euler guides the 9th and 10th grade English class in studying a play.

Adam, Tori, and Kandice serving lunch to Noah, Addiline, and Mrs. Chambers.

5th and 6th graders with their labeled rocks.  That's Faythe, Jessee, and Misty.  In the background, they're monitoring the "eagle cam" - it's hatching season!

Dean, Alli, and Ryan are working on grammar...