Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cookies for the Mission

Is Justin going to eat them himself?
 Patrons served by the Arkansas Valley Christian Mission will enjoy some Christmas-cookie treats again this year thanks to the kids and parents of DPCA's 1st - 6th grades.  In a combined effort between the classrooms, the students enjoyed crafting cookie canisters and loading them with cookies to deliver to the Mission last week.

We asked the students why they made the cookie containers:  "We made the cookies because a lot of kids like cookies, and so they can have a good Christmas," Royal Lundy said, while classmate Klayt Staudt added: "It's fun for them to have good things, and they like it."

"We wanted to help out, and help people celebrate God's gift to us,"  Miss Davidson's students said. "I had fun doing it," Marshall Swarny added, "because it is nice to do something for others."  The students in Miss Davidson's class have been working on Haiku poetry this week, so they wrote the following Haiku while reflecting on their cookie mission:

The cookies are sweet.
We give to people we meet
A nice Christmas treat.

Reid adds a cookie to Jake's canister
Royal is all smiles...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Varsity Boys Repeat at Home

From the beginning of the first quarter it looked like the DPCA Eagles could capture a victory over the Denver Eagles, and except for a brief portion of the third quarter, the DPCA home team held a commanding lead throughout the game and brought home a 42-24 victory, their second in a row in the DPCA gym. The Denver team managed to close within nine points in the third quarter in FRCAA league play Tuesday night, but the DPCA Eagles bounced back in the fourth and then ran away with the game.  Several of the boys had a good night at the bucket. Hawk White capitalized on a memorable fast break and ended up scoring five for the evening, while Noah and Micah Ritschard tied with fourteen each.  Sophomore Joel Parker was close behind with nine points scored. 

Strong supporting roles were played by Jase Staudt, Levi Jelinek, and Seth Turner.  The team will miss Levi after the break, bidding him farewell as he returns to the Bahamas for the spring semester.

The Eagles will be taking a break in the season for Christmas, with the next contest scheduled for January 10 at home against Love Christian.  Following that game, the Eagles Varsity will have a series of away games, returning to their home gym at the end of next month. 

For the current schedule for the varsity and junior high teams, please go to and click on "Programs" followed by "Athletics."

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Varisty Boys Open Season

The Eagles played consistent defense against the Falcons
Noah drives in for one of his two-point buckets.
Hawk looks for Joel coming up the middle.
Micah goes for the jumper just inside the three-point line.
Following a pre-season tournament in Leadville during which the boys tested their skills against some challenging public-school opponents, Front Range Christian Athletic Association season play for the Eagles Varsity opened on December 4th at home against Front Range Baptist from Fort Collins.

With the Eagles capturing just a one-point lead at the end of the first quarter, it looked like the game  would be close - and indeed the Falcons did manage to stay within a few points until the 4th quarter, when the home team came on strong and pulled away to a 41-35 victory. 

Scoring for the Eagles was led by Hawk White, with 15 points, and Joel Parker, with 9.

The Varsity Boys are scheduled to play again at home on Tuesday, December 18th, at 6:00 PM. 

Athletic schedules are posted at click on "Programs," then "Athletics," and select the sport.