Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Quarter Honor Roll

We're proud of the consistent and diligent efforts our  students have put into their academic work so far this year.  Below is the list of 3rd - 12th grade honor roll students (Honor Roll begins in 3rd grade) for the first quarter of the school year:

Honor Roll 
3.00 – 3.49

Students in study hall...
Jacob Baxter                          
Nicole Kale                             
Royal Lundy                           
Lilly Patton                             
Riley Elliott                             
Dillon Angell                         
Jordan Baxter                         
Isaac Bearss                           
Nathan Dages                         
Kevin Elliott                           
Marshal Swarny                     
Sam Austin                             
Ellie Wingo                             
Shelby Phillips                        
Chase MacNab                       
Keely Campbell                      
Jacob Lewis                           
Kate Lundy                           
Jase Staudt                              
Grace Horvath                                    
Mrs. Euler works with Nicole
Joel Parker                               

Teacher’s Honor Roll
3.50 – 3.99

Klayt Staudt                           
Dixie Morgan                          
Malachi Little                          
Ryan O’Neill                           
Lily Mason                              
Sydney Phillips                       
Tori McManamay                    
Alli Dages                              
Grace Mei Parker                  
Heather Burdges                     
Sydney McManamay             
Hard work pays off...
Nathan VanDeel                     
Cailyn Willis                           

Hawk White                            

Principal’s Honor Roll

Declan O’Neill                        
Misty Burdges                                    
Faythe Baxter                         
Maddie Montera                     
Noah Ritschard              

Congratulations to all our Honor Roll recipients!  Well done!       

Monday, November 10, 2014

Eagle's Cagers Get Season Started

Fall turns to winter, the clocks get set back, the leaves fall off the trees, and....  basketball season begins!  For many DPCA students, the start of basketball season is a highlight of each year, and the beginning of a season that brings hard work, discipline, and an unbelievable amount of running - but also teamwork, skill development, and just a lot of fun!

The boys junior high team began late last week with a match-up with Cotopaxi, and the teams are all practicing daily to get ready for upcoming games.  The first contest in the Eagles gym will be DPCA Junior High Boys vs. The Denver Eagles at 4:30 and 5:30 PM Friday, November 7.  Schedules for boys junior high, boys JV, and boys varsity, along with girls JV and girls varsity, can be found by clicking over to the DPCA athletics pages, found here.  The girls junior high team will begin play in January after the Christmas break this year.

Check the schedules and come out to sheer on the students as they take it the hoop!  This short video gives you a window into a recent practice for both boys and girls...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Try Your Hand at Physics....

Joel is in the zone...
Our physics students are working on projectile motion and vector analysis this week. Today in class was Joel's turn to demonstrate (successfully!) the solution to one of those problems.  Try your hand at solving the problem:

An airplane is moving at 350 km/hr.  (Must be from WWII?) If a bomb is dropped from the airplane at 1.5 km, a) with what velocity does the bomb strike the earth? b) How long does it take the bomb to fall? 

Aren't we glad that our airmen in WWII could do their physics? Who knows what contributions our current students will make with the things they learn every day... in physics, or in math, or in English, or...

 We are EXCITED about the "good works that God has prepared ahead of time that [they, our students] should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:10) We don't know where God will call each of our children, but isn't it a great thing to remember that as each one is faithful to his or her studies, He is preparing them for the "good works" that He already has in mind for them to do?

(By the way - Joel can solve the problem!  Go Joel!)

Soccer, Volleyball Wrap at Awards Dinner

Heather with one of her signature sets at the Eagle's gym
 Fall sports wrapped up for DPCA Thursday, October 30 with the Fall Sports Awards Dinner.  Athletes from Girls Junior High, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Volleyball teams, as well as from the Boys Soccer team, were recognized for their commitment, dedication, playing skills, and sportsmanship during the fall athletic season.

Coaches Tom Navarrette and Barb Burdges presented awards and recognition to the girls junior high volleyball team.  Each of the girls was congratulated briefly for their hard work and commitment, then special honors for the season were presented to Charis Mayton for Most Improved Player, and to Halley DeWalt for Most Valuable Player. Both coaches agreed, "We had a great season with just six girls playing, and we regularly beat bigger and older teams. We're proud of these young players, and we're looking forward to a great season next year!"
Becca on the attack at the FRCAA tournament

Coach Ben Little followed with awards for the JV and Varsity Volleyball teams.  "Our girls really came together and played well as a team this season," Mr Little said. "We had really great athleticism and a very talented team, and though all of us would have enjoyed placing higher at the tournament, it was great to get that far, and I'm really proud of these girls." Mr. Little had an affirming message for each of the girls, and then presented Most Improved for Junior Varsity to Sarah Dages.  Varsity honors awards were Keely Campbell with Most Improved, and Heather Burdges and Rebecca Pranger both capturing MVP for their critical and very different roles on the team - Becca as an attacker and all-around team leader, and Heather for her team leadership and superb passing and setting skills that made her teammate's attacks possible.
Garrett, Cole, and Sam move the ball forward vs. the Falcons

Campbell and Pranger were also honored with All Tournament awards, while Pranger and Burdges received All Conference titles.
Noah pours it on

Last on the program for the evening were the boys from DPCA's first ever Men's Soccer Team.  Head coach Kandice Alkire and Assistant Coach Erik Ritschard had some fun with their presentations to the boys, awarding each a 2014 TS (Totally Serious) Soccer Award. Awards ranged from the "Greased Lightning" award commemorating Seth Turner's speed on the field, to the "Most Willing to Just Stand There and Take It" awards shared by goalies Garrett O'Neal and Nathan Van Deel.  "It really takes at least 15 guys to have a soccer team," Mr. Ritschard noted, "and the most we were ever able to bring to a game and put on the pitch was 10. We never had any subs, and in most of the games the other teams put more players on the field than we did. So these guys worked and played with a lot of heart, and we're very proud of them."
Seth with a big clearing kick

Honors presented to the soccer players went to Cole Carroll for Most Improved, and to Noah Ritschard for MVP.  "Noah was all about team leadership and working to the best of his ability all season," Coach Alkire said, "And I'm proud to have worked with him and all these guys this season." The All-Conference title was awarded to Seth Turner, and in presenting the award, Coach Alkire commended him for his team leadership and hard work all through the season also.

Cole, MIP; Seth, All Conference; Noah MVP
Other teams and coaches throughout the Front Range Christian Athletic Association recognized the hard work and consistent effort of the DPCA boys as well, voting the Eagles team the Fall 2014 FRCAA Soccer Sportmanship Award.  Athletic Director Tom Navarrette said, "Several of these other Athletic Directors came up to me and mentioned how impressed they were with the way you guys conducted yourselves when you were being outmanned in game after game.  Well done - you maintained your cool and your Christ-like attitudes under pressure, and we are proud of you!"

Coach Navarrette also took the opportunity to thank some of the key volunteers who helped make Fall sports run smoothly - the fall coaching staff; wives Bernadette Navarrette, Jani Ritschard, Julie Little, and husband Kevin Burdges, for their support and encouragement for the the program, coaches, and athletes; Erik and Venus Phillips for helping with game books and general support; Brad and Marla Pranger for team photography and general support; Sherry Turner for snack bags and publicity help; and all the parents who provided rides, clean laundry, and encouragement for their student athletes.

Becca, All Conference, All Tournament, MVP; Keely, All Tournament and MIP; Heather, All Conference and MVP; Sarah, MIP

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Volleyballers Finish at 4th

Malachi gets ready to help cheer
In tournament play that can only be described as incredible, the Lady Eagles battled first Beth Eden and then Hyland Christian to end up in 4th place at the Front Range Christian Athletic Association's season finale.  Spectators, coaches, and players alike were all impressed with the competitiveness of each team and the tournament as a whole - every match throughout the day went to five games, and every fifth game was close!

 The Eagles were no exception: in the first match against Beth Eden, DPCA and the Knights scored back and forth in long volleys through a five-game series.  DPCA came out on top in the first game, then Beth Eden surged ahead in the second.  Consistent play won the third game for the Eagles, but Beth Eden refused to give up and fought back to win the 4th.  With the match score tied 2-2, both teams entered the 5th game ready to play hard.  In the end, Beth Eden was able to pull out a narrow victory, and the Eagles dropped to the consolation bracket to play Hyland for 3rd place.

Kate on the attack...
Loyal fans!

The match for 3rd was just as tight, although at first it seemed that the Eagles might not be able to keep up with the Hyland Cougars.  Though the Eagles made many good plays, Hyland put up two wins, and it looked like the match might fall in three.  The Eagles rallied in the third, though, and posted a win over the Cougars, then did a repeat in the 4th game and again brought the match to the 2-2 mark.  The 5th game saw the Eagles playing with persistence through long volleys and attacking well, and the score remained neck and neck to the very end, when the Cougars were finally able to move ahead by two and close the final game 15-13.
Becca's turn to attack.
Heather passing...

The Beth Eden Knights went on to win the tournament in a narrow five-game series against Front Range Baptist, demonstrating that the Eagles, and in fact all four teams present, were strong contenders and well matched.  "I don't think I've ever been at a volleyball tournament where every match went to five games," noted DPCA athletic director Tom Navarrette. "The teams were really evenly matched, and it came down to particular plays and the twists and turns of the action."  "I'm really proud of our girls and the great season they had," he added.  Mr Ben Little, the girls' coach, echoed that: "We were in legitimate contention for first in the league, and sure, it would have been great to achieve that," he said. "But the girls worked really hard and came together really well as a team this season, and I'm proud of them and their efforts." 
And Keely launches one of her blazing spikes!

At the close of the tournament, three DPCA students were recognized for their hard work and quality play in the tournament and throughout the season.  Keely Campbell and Rebecca Pranger received all-tournament honors, while Pranger and Heather Burdges also received all-conference medals. 

Rebecca Pranger, a senior this year, noted,

"Overall, it a really great volleyball season. We had a really amazing and competitive group of girls who came together to play this year. Each of us individually adapted quickly to the rest of the team and entered the rotation without hesitation.
Our main goal this season was to not let our mistakes override our ability to play as a team; to keep our mental focus. There was definite growth in this area, and it was really fun to see us all come together and work towards that goal. This volleyball season was so fun, and I loved playing competitively with my teammates; I will for sure miss not playing next year"

Alli digs in for the pass while Coach Little thinks the game.
Junior Keely Campbell added, "It was a great season - fun to be back in the game and playing with all these wonderful ladies. I'm thankful for the way God has blessed the team this year with a lot of improvement and allowing us to get to the state tournament."

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DPCA Junior Jase Staudt Wins National USTRC Title

"The pair needed a 10.54 to win the average and they had to trust their instincts.  They knew they could rope the steer and they knew they could win the roping.  They had that kind of confidence in themselves and in each other."

"They" in the quotation above are DPCA high school junior Jase Staudt and his team roping partner Jhett Trenary.  Jase and Jhett competed October 31 in the United States Team Roping Championships National Finals in Oklahoma City and took first place in the #10 Shoot-Out.  We sat down with Jase to learn more about how the competition works, and what it was like to win the top prize in his grouping:

"There are about 500 teams of two that come into the national competition at the #10 level," Jase explained.  "Those teams are divided into rotations, and in each rotation, each team needs to successfully rope three calves in turn.  If you miss the first, you don't get a second chance, and the same if you miss the second, so you have to rope all three.  Then the top 30 teams (determined by the fastest total times from the first three ropings) from all the rotations come together for the Shoot-out and rope a 4th calf.  The fastest total time over all four runs wins."

Jase and Jhett performed well during their rotation, and entered into the final Shoot-Out round with the fastest time from the first three runs, giving them a small lead over the next closest team.  That team failed to catch the 4th calf, while Jase and Jhett made their 4th catch with confidence, enabling them to finish the #10 Shoot-Out with a time of 30.55 seconds over all four runs and win the national title. That means that on average, they can complete a roping in just a little over 7.5 seconds!  

"Its a lot of fun because Jhett and I get to rope so much together - we just have a huge amount of confidence in each other," Jase said, and then, echoing the words of the reporter, noted: "We were just relaxed and confident we would do well." He added, "I'm just really thankful for my parents - they've sacrificed a lot - and just really thankful I get to do something that I enjoy so much."

Jase's and Jhett's results and a great deal more information on the USTRC competitions are available at the USTRC website

Here's a short video of the October 31st competition showing Jase's and Jhett's winning run:

Congratulations to Jase and to Jhett from all of us at DPCA!  We admire the perseverance and diligence that brought you both to a national level of competition, and give thanks with you for your success there!