Friday, February 15, 2013

100 Days of Kindergarten!

 by Amy Montera

On February 4th, the Kindergarteners celebrated 100 days of school!  Can you believe it? The time has gone by so quickly!

One of my favorite things about this day was our “100 Reasons to be Thankful!”  This was a project that began on the 1st day of school.  The kids took turns sharing what they were thankful for each day.  By day 100, we had collected 100 cards with a wide variety of notable blessings.  Let me mention a few that bring a smile to my face: “That I get to come to school,” “For all God did for us,” “My family and friends,” “That I am starting to read books,” “For all God created,” and “Racecars!” :)  This display will remain in the hall for the remainder of the year, so please drop by to see it.

Something else we had on display for this special day was our 100 day projects.  The kids each brought in 100 items of their choice.  We had food items, Legos, pennies, magnets, rocks, and blocks.  This was a creative way to practice our counting skills.

Our snack consisted of 100 unique trail mix items (10 pieces of 10 different items).  I think the marshmallows were the biggest hit!

To end our 100 day celebration, we had a 100 piece puzzle contest.  Each team consisted of 3 contestants with a goal to be the first to complete their animal puzzle.  The prize for the winners was 100 cents (given as a $1 bill)! 

We are so thankful to God for 100 days of school, and we can’t wait to see all that we will accomplish by the end of Kindergarten!

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