Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How EMH Changed My Life

by EMH Senior Becca Wade

Nothing teaches bravery like hanging alone, 200 feet above the ground, by a thin yellow and green rope. No challenge teaches patience more quickly than when a sixty-five pound pack is weighing on your back, the sun is burning  your scalp, and you must hike slowly up a mountain to stay with your friends. No experience grows unconditional love like sharing a little tent with three other girls for ten days through sweaty smells, irritation, and rocky beds. And no reward compares to soaking your sore feet in a creek or spotting a shooting star as you share your dreams with a close group of classmates. During the ten-day backpacking trips with Ekklesia Mountain High, I have been challenged to leap out of my comfort zone. EMH is hugely important to my life because it has grown my character and maturity so much more than any high school experience ever could have...
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Ekklesia Mountain High is a boarding and day-student program for high school juniors and seniors at Darren Patterson Christian Academy, in which approximately forty days of wilderness experience and leadership training is integrated with rigorous academics in DPCA's Biblically-centered environment.  To learn more, please visit the school's website at, and the EMH program's website at 


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