Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall Mini-Retreat

Sam, Jacob, and Cailyn at the video exercise bikes
Is Tanner working out or just relaxing?
A climbing wall, water-slide, racquetball court, gym, running track, weight machines and exercise bikes - all were available and put to fun use by DPCA's 7th through 12th grade students at last Friday's Fall "Mini-Retreat".  "We've done a number of different things over the years to help our junior and senior high students grow together as the school year begins," said Mr. Ben Little, who works through his roles as teacher and secondary chaplain to help students and staff build a healthy and dynamic school community.  "We'd done a trip to the Breckenridge 'Rec' Center a few years ago, and the students really enjoyed it, so we decided it was a good year to do that again, and to focus on building up the community just by giving the students and staff an opportunity to play together and enjoy each other's company." 

Students and staff traveled to Breckenridge on Friday afternoon, September 5, and played at the recreation center for several hours.  A pizza dinner at Extreme Pizza rounded out the afternoon. 

Hawk and Joel take on Mr Euler and Mr. Little

Alli and Sydney enjoy the water slide...

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