Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Quarter Honor Roll

We're proud of the consistent and diligent efforts our  students have put into their academic work so far this year.  Below is the list of 3rd - 12th grade honor roll students (Honor Roll begins in 3rd grade) for the first quarter of the school year:

Honor Roll 
3.00 – 3.49

Students in study hall...
Jacob Baxter                          
Nicole Kale                             
Royal Lundy                           
Lilly Patton                             
Riley Elliott                             
Dillon Angell                         
Jordan Baxter                         
Isaac Bearss                           
Nathan Dages                         
Kevin Elliott                           
Marshal Swarny                     
Sam Austin                             
Ellie Wingo                             
Shelby Phillips                        
Chase MacNab                       
Keely Campbell                      
Jacob Lewis                           
Kate Lundy                           
Jase Staudt                              
Grace Horvath                                    
Mrs. Euler works with Nicole
Joel Parker                               

Teacher’s Honor Roll
3.50 – 3.99

Klayt Staudt                           
Dixie Morgan                          
Malachi Little                          
Ryan O’Neill                           
Lily Mason                              
Sydney Phillips                       
Tori McManamay                    
Alli Dages                              
Grace Mei Parker                  
Heather Burdges                     
Sydney McManamay             
Hard work pays off...
Nathan VanDeel                     
Cailyn Willis                           

Hawk White                            

Principal’s Honor Roll

Declan O’Neill                        
Misty Burdges                                    
Faythe Baxter                         
Maddie Montera                     
Noah Ritschard              

Congratulations to all our Honor Roll recipients!  Well done!       

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