Thursday, November 6, 2014

Try Your Hand at Physics....

Joel is in the zone...
Our physics students are working on projectile motion and vector analysis this week. Today in class was Joel's turn to demonstrate (successfully!) the solution to one of those problems.  Try your hand at solving the problem:

An airplane is moving at 350 km/hr.  (Must be from WWII?) If a bomb is dropped from the airplane at 1.5 km, a) with what velocity does the bomb strike the earth? b) How long does it take the bomb to fall? 

Aren't we glad that our airmen in WWII could do their physics? Who knows what contributions our current students will make with the things they learn every day... in physics, or in math, or in English, or...

 We are EXCITED about the "good works that God has prepared ahead of time that [they, our students] should walk in them." (Ephesians 2:10) We don't know where God will call each of our children, but isn't it a great thing to remember that as each one is faithful to his or her studies, He is preparing them for the "good works" that He already has in mind for them to do?

(By the way - Joel can solve the problem!  Go Joel!)

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