Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blessed to be a Blessing

BV Town Rec Monday morning Pickle Ball at DPCA
Abraham is listening to the Lord in Genesis chapter 12, and hears the remarkable command to leave his family and his country and "go to the land I [God] will show you."  Abraham must have been pretty amazed - but what God says next must also astonish him: "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing."

The great thing is that Abraham obeys, and so we get to see unfolding through Scripture and history the rise of the Jewish nation.  We also get to see, right from the beginning of God's work through Abraham, that blessing is for blessing:  God blessed Abraham so that Abraham and the nation of Israel would in different ways and in different places be a blessing to the world.  As the story progresses we see that God's ultimate blessing to the world, His son Jesus, is brought into the human world through Israel. 

Hawk carries a mulch bag at a DPCA service project at Trail West
In keeping with our commitment to make Biblical principles our foundation, one of our core values at DPCA is to honor the Lord's blessings to us by seeking to be a blessing to our community and our world.  We hope and trust we bless our community by offering Christian education that helps our students form strong foundations in character and Biblical understanding.  We also seek to be involved in other ways: regular service projects in which our students contribute their strength and abilities to help others around town; our World Vision Projects through our chapel offerings that help us keep a global perspective in mind; making our school facilities available for community activities such as the Monday morning Pickle Ball with BV Recreation, Civil Air Patrol meetings, and the like; and helping to promote other positive community activities among our school family, such as the Pregnancy Center's Walk for Life, or the recent BV Strong community dinner.
Chase gives a big thumbs up to the crew spreading mulch at Trail West

We're grateful for the opportunities that we have to serve, and we're grateful for suggestions that help us find those connections where our resources - whether it is facilities or student muscle - can help to meet a need.  We're praying that we will keep growing as individuals and as a school  in our understanding of how we can be a blessing to our community, and that the Lord will supply many opportunities for us to flex our "serving muscles."

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