Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Crossing the Threshold

by Mr. Ritschard, Administrator
Aberlyn and Mikayla reading!

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting moments in our kindergartner's lives and in our kindergarten classroom is when our students start to read!

This morning I had the privilege of stepping in to the kindergarten classroom for a few minutes just to say good morning, and caught a couple of the girls reading...

As much as we hear about science, technology, and math education these days, reading remains THE fundamental academic and life skill. If we can't read (and read well), we can't use our technology very well, or understand that text message, or decipher that note from a loved one.  It's hard to continue on with other learning in history, or in science, or even in math, without the ability to read well. Most importantly from my perspective, if we can't read we are unable to explore the Scriptures for ourselves and discover all the riches that the Lord has for us in His Word.

So I am so excited about our strong reading program here at DPCA, and excited to be welcoming another class of kindergartners to the exciting world of the written word as they cross the threshold of understanding and enter in to the wide world of being able to read!

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